February 7, 2017

Why Use WordPress?

We often get asked to create WordPress sites. WordPress has some great features and we enjoy building sites using it. Our number one goal is to match the technology to the needs of your site. A bulldozer is a great way to move dirt, but a little impractical if you are just going out to grab a carton of milk.

Like many of its competitors, WordPress is a theme-able framework. Its roots are as a blogging tool, and many of its features are tailored to meet that need. If you are looking to create a blog, look no further.

WordPress has taken great steps toward becoming a fully featured CMS. Along with some contributed plugins, it can make quick work of most smaller sites. It’s mobile friendly and comes with some themes that are very easy to modify to suit a multitude of sites.

We tend to find that it shines on sites that are less than 20 pages where the content is in complete pages or posts that link to each other. It handles slideshows very well and is easy to manage different types of media. Its media library feature makes managing your images and video very straight forward.

Using the WooCommerce plugin it’s a very capable e-commerce solution.